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Ara Didan: Skincare Organic Products

Ara Didan: Skincare Organic Products

We had the opportunity to connect with Ara Didan, which translates to Glowing Skin, A skincare brand making organic products for the Nigerian Man and Woman.

Here is what they told us:

Ara Didan Skincare Brand Nigerian Man and Woman

Brief Overview about the brand

Ara Didan started with me looking for skincare products that would work for my skin because I have a very sensitive skin and was looking for the best way to make sure that I save cost and take care of my skin because I also model and I was spending a lot of money on skincare products so I decided to go to a skincare school to learn how to take care of my skin and then I started making my own skincare products and save myself money and that’s how I stumbled on the brand.

Ara Didan Skincare Brand for the Nigerian Man and Woman

What problem would you say you are solving in the industry?

Something that is key for us is that we want every man/woman to have that confidence to go out without having to worry about their skin and also not care about chemicals that are not effective to the skin. So we want people to be able to use natural skincare products that are not harmful to the skin.

Ara-Didan Skincare Brand for the Nigerian Man and Woman

What was the biggest challenge in building the brand?

Sourcing, sourcing products that are good and not expensive because initially when we started,we spent a lot of money on products that were expensive and therefore we were not making money from it. By the time we calculated how much had been exhausted in the product duration, we realized we were literally slaving away and at that point we were not really concerned about the money, we were more excited to see the changes people were seeing on their skin. After a while, we had to understand that it’s also a business. So sourcing was a key thing for us, we had to look for places that we could get products, natural resources that are good and not just items that have been refined through processes but products that are good and not expensive.

Ara Didan Skincare-Brand for the Nigerian Man and Woman

What should we expect from Ara Didan in the next 3-5 years?

Ara Didan is just 3 months old at this point so we are still a baby brand. But in the next 5 years, we see Ara Didan as a skincare brand to be reckoned with in terms of worldwide. An organic skincare brand that caters to both men and women of every skin colour. So what we would be putting in place is more structure around the world, global brands and networking , while liasing and collaborating with brands to also outsource and sell our products internationally and in Nigeria.

Feel Free to check out Ara Didan on IG @aradidan.

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