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Omowunmi Williams: One Lady, Four Industries

Omowunmi Williams: One Lady, Four Industries

Our Team met up with Omowunmi Williams:  A model, A writer, A Skincare Professional and a PR and Marketing Professional. This lady is so much more than Beauty with Brains.

And here is what She had to say:

Omowunmi Williams - One Lady, Four Industries

Brief Overview about yourself.

I would call myself a Creative and a storyteller. That sums everything that i do, so yeah, Thats me.

What was your challenge in turning your passion into a career opportunity?

Initially, I did most of the things I do now for free because it was just something I really enjoyed doing.So I didn’t really put a price to it. If someone came up to me and asked me, I would just say yes. Will you create content for me?, I would be like yes. But then, I started to realise that I could make money from this since I enjoy telling stories, be it in modelling or in my writing or in my media company. I decided to put a structure to this and that is how everything started.

Brief Overview about your brands

When I say visual storytelling, what I try to do as an individual is to find the best way to connect my crowd, be it using media or pictures, in whatever the form is, but just trying to connect the crowd by coming up with a story that they can relate to. For Globallus Media, We do PR and Digital Marketing, we are trying to engage your audience as a company and as a brand. So what we do is, we come up with effective content that can pass long the message that your brand stands for to each individual you are trying to reach. So we tell the stories in videos and pictures. This also applies to my writing, telling stories about my personal experience and stories that my crowd wants to hear. So everything about my life is just about creating and telling stories.

Omowunmi Williams - One Lady Four Industries

What would be three key points that you would like to pass on to those coming up in the same industry.


For Modelling, I would say Perseverance and also being sure of who you are. In Modelling, you are selling yourself as an individual, so you have to have a strong perception of who you are, so you understand the kind of person you want to be when you pass across a message to people looking at the pictures you take. There are so many people in the industry and being judged by your individual self is very different from being judged by what you do. You can’t change how you look, so when you are judged by how you look, there is a lot more pressure, so you have to persevere and keep being consistent.

For Digital Marketing and PR, you have to learn to introduce your brand wherever you are, you have to be outspoken. You have to make sure that wherever you find yourself, people know what you do. You also have to be consistent, be it in your content or the presentation of your brand. Also learn to take the leap, whenever you find 1 or 2 persons that you think would need brand perception even if they don’t know it yet, its okay to walk up to people and offer what you do. When I started, i relied a lot on referrals, but at some point I realized, you just have to walk up to people and let them know what you do.

For Ara Didan, My skincare brand, I would say learn to talk to people. I already said this for PR but would like to reemphasize because your greatest selling point is word of mouth, so people need to know what you do. Don’t just be led by the need to solve a problem, but also be sure that the problem you are solving is an actual problem. Carve a niche for yourself and it will be easier for you to thrive in the industry. It shouldn’t feel like you are just competing and nothing is working out.

It was great meeting with Omowunmi and hearing her story. Feel Free to connect with Omowunmi on IG @omowunmiwilliams_.

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